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Why Cloud PM is the best Construction Submittal Software for your Company? Because you will be able to create and send your Construction Submittals faster than ever. The best thing about our Submittal Software is that the flow of work is the same as the one you are already used to. You will still be able to use the traditional workflow for organizing your Submittals, but now in a more simple and efficient way. Our clients strongly believe that Cloud PM is the best Submittal Tracking Software on the current market.

Submittal Info

Submittal Info

At the Submittal Info fields you can enter the Submittal Title, Submittal Number and the Specification Number & Title. The Submittal Number is automatically assigned, but if needed you can add a Custom Submittal Number as well. The Specification Numbers & Titles are pulled out from our database, but if needed you can add Custom Number & Title too.

Contact Info

At the Contact Info fields you can enter the Subcontractor/Material Supplier who is providing the Submittal, or you can click on the Self-performed checkbox if your Company is doing the work. Our Construction Submittal Software pulls out the Recipient and the GC info straight from the Project Info page, so you won’t have to enter them every time you create a new Submittal.

Submittal Subcontractor and Recipient Info
Transmittal Info

Transmittal Info

Here you can enter the Subject/Title of the Submittal that will be shown on the Transmittal Sheet. You can enter the way the Submittal was sent such as Email, Mail, Hand Delivered etc. You can enter the Submittal Type such as Shop Drawings, Product Data, Samples etc. and also the quantity that was sent for Approval. If you need to take any notes about the Submittal you can do that at the Internal Notes entry field. This info is not printed on the Transmittal Sheet or shown to anyone outside your company.

Cycle Info

At the Submittal Cycle Info entry fields you can choose the Submittal Status such as Draft, Approved As Noted, Revise & Resubmit etc. You can also choose the reason for sending the Submittal such as Approval, Review, Record etc. There is no need to enter the Submittal/Transmittal Title and the Submittal Number again since our intelligent Submittal Management Software is populating these fields from the Submittal Info that you have previously entered. The Cycle Number is automatically entered as well, but you can change it if you want to.

Submittal Cycle Info
Submittal Cycle Files

Cycle Files

Here you can upload the Files for the current Submittal Cycle. You can upload:

  1. The file that you have received from your Subcontractor
  2. If needed the updated file that you will send for Approval
  3. The file that you have received back from Approval
  4. If needed the updated file that you will send back to your Subcontractor

Transmittal Notes

Our Construction Submittal Software has two different Transmittal Sheets, one that is sent to the Architect for Approval and another that is sent to the Subcontractor/Material Supplier. We also have an entry field where you can add Transmittal Notes for the Architect or the Subcontractor.

Transmittal Notes
Transmittal Sheet

Transmittal Sheet

You just need to click on the Create Transmittal button and our intelligent Submittal Software will populate all Transmittal Fields automatically. All necessary information that is important for the Submittal will be printed very neatly on the Transmittal Sheet. When creating another Submittal Cycle there will be no need to enter again any of the Transmittal Sheet Info. The only items that would need to be changed are the Submittal Status and/or the Submitted For field.

Email Distribution List

Our Submittal Management Software makes sending the Transmittal Sheet and the Submittal File easier than any other software. You just need to select the recipients, click on the Email Transmittal button, and an Email with Transmittal and Submittal download links will be sent to all recipients. Cloud PM will also create a list of all recipients with a date stamp so with only one glance at the screen you will know who has received the Submittal Email and when.

Email Distribution List

See our video post on how you can create and send your Construction Submittals in 60 seconds or less.

Submittals – Gone in 60s (or Less)

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