Why we created Cloud PM?

The main reason why we decided to develop Cloud PM is the lack of simple and cost-effective software solutions for Construction Project Management & Document Control on the current market. We did a poll and most of the Construction Professionals that we spoke to said that they are still using Excel spreadsheets and a “dumb cloud-storage” to run their projects. The most interesting fact is that some of them are doing this while running $50M – $100M Projects. When we asked why they are not using any Construction Software the most common answers were:

  1. Too expensive
  2. Pay per Project
  3. Pay per User
  4. Too complicated
  5. “It works fine for us” & “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”

After a long research we decided to develop a cloud-based software solution for Construction Project Management & Document Control which will help the Construction Companies to run and manage their projects in the most simple and efficient way. We have successfully solved all of their concerns:

  1. Starts from $40 per month which is half of an average monthly cell phone bill
  2. Unlimited Projects
  3. Unlimited Users
  4. We created a simple and intuitive User Interface
  5. We demonstrated to them through an online presentation that our software is a much better solution than the Excel spreadsheets and the “dumb cloud-storage” they are using to store their files

Around 80% of the Contractors that we spoke to are still using Cloud PM with great success. Contact us and learn how you can manage and run your Construction Projects in a more simple and efficient way.

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