Schedule of Values



Enjoy the convenience of automatic calculations within our Schedule of Values module. Simply enter the information on the completed work, materials used, labor costs, and any change orders incurred during the billing period. Cloud PM handles all calculations automatically, ensuring all values are accurate and reliable.

The retainage is essential in the construction projects, and Cloud PM offers customizable fixed and variable retainage rate options to meet your project’s unique needs.

At the Schedule of Values you have a wide range of options for the Description of Work. You can use:

  • Products and Services
  • Groups with Products and Services
  • QuickBooks Bundles with Products and Services

You have the flexibility to display the Products and Services individually or organize them into Groups and QuickBooks Bundles. When using Groups and Bundles, the individual line items and costs are automatically hidden from the printed Schedule of Values.

All calculations from the Schedule of Values are seamlessly transferred to the Application and Certificate for Payment, ensuring meticulous accuracy while streamlining the payment process. Both the Schedule of Values and the Application and Certificate for Payment can be printed on licensed AIA G702 & G703 forms, ensuring compliance and reliability throughout the project lifecycle.


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