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Uncover the ease and efficiency of managing your Construction Project payments effortlessly through Cloud PM’s cutting-edge Application and Certificate for Payment & Schedule of Values. With our innovative platform, you can seamlessly handle all aspects of the payment management, from generating precise payment requests to ensuring compliance with the AIA standards.

Utilizing licensed AIA forms, Cloud PM offers a comprehensive range of Payment Application types tailored to your needs:

1. Contractor to Owner (G702 & G703)
2. Subcontractor to Contractor (G702S & G703S)
3. Cost of Work without a Guarantied Maximum Price (G702CW & G703CW)
4. Cost of Work with a Guarantied Maximum Price (G702GMP & G703CW)

Submitting payment applications is a breeze with Cloud PM. Our platform automatically fills out the AIA forms, further streamlining your workflow and saving you valuable time.

Additionally, our users can rest assured that the Application and Certificate for Payment (G702) & Schedule of Values (G703) will be automatically attached to the Invoice and made available in QuickBooks Online. This streamlined integration ensures that all relevant project information is efficiently carried over to your financial management system, offering a consolidated and organized approach to handling both aspects of your construction processes.

Experience the efficiency of Cloud PM—where innovation meets simplicity in construction project management. Streamline your payment processes and unlock your project’s full potential today.


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