Partnership with CSI


We take pride in our enduring partnership with the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) since the inception of our app. We have licensed the use of their MasterFormat, offering an organized framework for your construction project management needs. This collaboration enhances our commitment to delivering structured and efficient solutions, providing a streamlined approach to project processes and elevating your overall experience.

We employ MasterFormat, utilizing its Specifications Numbers & Titles for organizing:

  • Vendors, Subcontractors, Material Suppliers
  • Bid Items
  • Submittals
  • Requests for Information (RFIs)
  • Proposals for Change Order (PCOs)
  • Expediting Report Items
  • Project Files
  • Contracts
  • Products, Services, Categories, Classes

Having outlined the various areas where we leverage MasterFormat, incorporating its Specifications Numbers & Titles, we are dedicated to delivering a streamlined and organized experience across all facets of our operations. This commitment reflects our dedication to efficiency, accuracy, and a comprehensive approach to meeting your construction management needs. Partner with us as we continue to enhance and optimize our services, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience in every aspect of your projects.

© 2022 The Construction Specifications Institute, Inc. (CSI). The trademark MASTERFORMAT® and the copyrighted MasterFormat work are used under license (

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