Tasks and Reminders


Cloud PM makes it effortless to keep track of all your Project, Team, or individual Tasks and stay ahead of deadlines. You can easily assign tasks to specific team members, set priorities, and monitor their progress in real-time. With automated task reminders, you can rest assured that no important task or deadline is missed. Stay organized and productive with Cloud PM’s powerful Task management tools.

  • Create Tasks straight from the Submittal, RFI, Bid etc modules
  • Create Tasks from the Tasks module
  • Assign Tasks to Yourself and your Company Employees
  • Assign Tasks to your Subcontractors, Material Suppliers, Architects
  • Assign Sub-tasks for each Project Task
  • Set due dates for each Project Task
  • Set email reminders for each due date
  • View the Tasks by Title, Project Name, Task Type, Assignee

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