Invoices and Expenses



Optimize your financial tracking with our Invoices and Expenses modules, tailored to streamline the management of your project revenue and expenses. With these modules, you can effortlessly record and monitor all financial transactions related to your projects, ensuring comprehensive oversight and accurate reporting.

In the Invoices and Expenses modules, you have the flexibility to:

  • Log your Project revenue and expenses
  • Add Products and Services
  • Connect them directly to the Chart of Accounts for streamlined financial integration

By integrating Products and Services directly into your financial records through the Chart of Accounts, you establish a cohesive system that ensures consistency and accuracy in your financial reporting. This interconnected approach simplifies the tracking of revenue and expenses, providing you with valuable insights into your project’s financial performance.

Take control of your project finances with Cloud PM’s Invoices and Expenses modules, empowering you to manage your revenue and expenses with ease and precision.

(Invoices and Expenses can be generated within the system, but currently they can only be printed or saved as a PDF through QuickBooks Online.)

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