Bids and Proposals


With the Bids Module in Cloud PM, you can easily create a comprehensive itemized list of all the Materials and Services required for your project. Our platform allows you to seamlessly upload proposals and compare prices from different bidders for each Bid Item. This enables you to make informed decisions and select the best possible options for your project.

  • Assign Specification Number & Title to each Bid Item
  • Add Estimated Quantity, Unit Price and Estimated Value to each Bid Item
  • Send Invitations to Bid to your Subcontractors & Material Suppliers
  • Allow the Bidders to upload their Proposals
  • Add multiple Proposals from different Subcontractors to each Bid Item
  • Assign Open/Closed status to each Bid Item
  • Set Read Permissions for the Projects Files, decide which files can be viewed by each Bidder

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