Partnership with AIA

Introducing our partnership with AIA Contract Documents, where we proudly announce our licensed use of the Application and Certificate for Payment (G702) & Schedule of Values (G703) forms. This collaboration allows our users to seamlessly create and print these essential documents directly from Cloud PM. By integrating these AIA forms, we aim to enhance your project management experience, providing convenience, efficiency, and accuracy in handling your payment applications. Experience the ease of generating and managing these critical forms within Cloud PM, simplifying the financial workflow for your Accountants and Project Managers.

We have licensed the following Application and Certificate for Payment & Schedule of Values forms from AIA Contract Documents:

  • Contractor to Owner (G702 & G703)
  • Subcontractor to Contractor (G702S & G703S)
  • Cost of Work without Guaranteed Maximum Price (G702CW & G703CW)
  • Cost of Work with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (G702GMP & G703CW)

The Schedule of Values can be exported to an Invoice, creating a seamless transition between the project details and the  financial records, all of which are synced with QuickBooks Online. Additionally, our users can rest assured that the Application and Certificate for Payment (G702) & Schedule of Values (G703) will be automatically attached to the Invoice and made available in QuickBooks Online. This streamlined integration ensures that all relevant project information is efficiently carried over to your financial management system, offering a consolidated and organized approach to handling both aspects of your construction processes.

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